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15 gardening hacks that’ll make your neighbours jealous

For many people gardening is a lifestyle, but for others, it can be comparable to black magic. Many people have no idea where to start. Gardening can help you relax from a stressful lifestyle while at the same time connecting with mother nature around you. Personally, I find myself more at ease and at peace when I prune trees or plant roses in my garden. There’s nothing more gratifying than watching your seeds grow into flowers or plants that you and your loved ones can enjoy. If you’re just getting started with gardening, here are 15 tips that will get you off on the right foot.

Eggshell planters are excellent way to start your seedlings off on the right foot. Read on to see other great gardening hacks.

1. Vertical Pipe Planters

This is a neat little trick. Take a large PVC pipe and drill a few holes into it, like the picture above, and fill with dirt and strawberry seedlings. This will get strawberries growing almost anywhere and they will be super easy to water.

2. Tire Trellis

Many people can be on a tight budget. One way to save money is by using an old bike sitting on your garage and turn it into a tire trellis, which can make an excellent vine. Just place it by creepling plants and watch them grow.

3. Pots In The Dirt

This tip is all about efficiency and saving time. Lets you arrange colors and change them at will. Additionally, you can move certain plants in and out of the shade as needed.

4. Coffee Filters

We all know plants need to stay hydrated in order to properly grow. Before planting try installing coffee filter at the bottom of pots. This super absorbent material will keep your plants hydrated!

5. Seed Stomper

A press like this one can keep seed positions neat and save time. Even better, they can be made out of almost anything. Try cleats in a pinch.

6. Cinder Block Planters

This one is pretty self explanatory and makes your garden look very interesting. If you have old cinder blocks laying around, try stacking them together to form planters.

7. Seed Tape Toilet Paper

Glue down seeds to toilet paper and easily roll it out in your garden for easy planting.

8. Recycled Watering Bottle

Old plastic containers can make excellent watering cans. Saves space and money to reuse what you have, and it saves the environment. Also try cutting the corners to make DIY shovels.

9. Forks Are a Great Prevention Method

Stick some recyclable forks around your garden for a natural pest control and a super fun look.

10. Easy to Grow Squash

Dig a hole and place a pot into the soil (make sure the pot has holes in the bottom). Plant squash seeds around the base of the pot. Water into the pot to get water straight to the root of the squash! This will keep them hydrated and happy.

11. Collect Rain Water

Cut down on water bills by collecting rain water and using it to water your plants.

12. Milk Jugs Make a Perfect Watering Container

Recycle empty milk jugs and turn them into a water container. Simply poke holes in the lid and fill with water. It’s easy to hold and free!

13. Added Bonus to Ground Eggshells

Grind up recycled eggshells to make a healthy and natural fertilizer. Your garden will absolutely thank you for all the extra calcium!

14. Start Seedling in Lemon

Your plants will have a better chance of survival if you start them out in a lemon. Cut a lemon in half, scoop out the middle (put it on the side for other uses), add soil and seed and watch as your new plant grows.

Grow Roses in potatoes

Gather your rose stems from a garden or a bouquet. Prepare them by removing the leaves and the thorns on the lower third of the stem. And now, the ultimate trick! Drill holes in some potatoes and stick a stem in each one.

The potatoes serve as both food and a water supply to the cuttings as they grow. Place each potato in the prepared row with about 6 inches between each one. Then cover them in fresh soil until only a couple of inches are visible. Press the earth down firmly around it.

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