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11 Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

You don’t need to spend money on expensive products and treatments; just get creative with some stuff around the house!

2-Second Top Knot

You can have a polished top knot in no time at all! Create a ponytail at the top of the head and divide into two sections. Twist each section. Wrap twisted sections to surround the base of the ponytail in opposite directions and fasten with bobby pins.

Cover Those Bags

If you stayed out too late here is an easy way to actually cover those dark bags in a flash.  Apply concealer in a triangle shape, instead of dotting it in a line.  It will perfectly cover up those circle and give you a fresh, wide-awake look.

Double Check

Before you head out for the day, double check your makeup in the car.  The lighting in different places can make your makeup look different.  The car offers great natural light so you can make sure everything looks great!

Illusion on Fuller Lips

You can easily create a full lipped look without spending big bucks on lip plumpers.  Once you’ve applied lipstick, dab a little pale, frosted eye shadow in the middle of your bottom lip. You will love your new pout.

Super Simple Polka Dot Nail Art

Place the end section of a small plastic bandage over a dry and polished nail. Cover each hole with a contrasting nail polish color. Immediately remove the bandage from each nail and let dry.

Lasting Lipstick Trick

Apply lipstick as usual. Place a tissue over the lips and then brush translucent powder lightly over the tissue and remove. This will make the lipstick last much longer.

DIY Falsies

Apply mascara to each lash. Dip a cotton swab into baby powder and brush across each lash including the tips. Now when you apply the second coat of mascara, it will stick to the powder and give you a longer and fuller look.

Easy-On, Easy-Off Glitter Nail Polish

Wearing glitter nail polish is always fun, but it can be such a pain to remove. But if you use Elmer’s glue as a base coat, it’s super easy to apply and remove later. Apply the glue as a base coat and allow five minutes to dry before you apply your nail polish.

Under Eye Concealer Formation

Do not dot the concealer under the eyes. Instead apply concealer in a triangle shape outward from beneath each eye to form a triangle. This will give a better lift to the saggy eye along with lightening it up.

Put An End To Split Ends

There’s a super easy way to get rid of your split ends. Part the hair into small sections and twist each section of hair. Use scissors to snip the ends that are poking out.

DIY Gel Liner


Hold a regular eyeliner pencil tip over a flame for one second. Allow the eyeliner pencil tip to cool for 15 seconds. Apply the eyeliner to each eye for a bolder look.

Make Eyeshadow Pop

If you’ve been having trouble getting the most vibrant color out of your eyeshadow, you are not alone. To really make your eyeshadow pop, especially if it’s a vibrant color, then you should first white eyeliner on your eyelids.

No-Fear French Manicure

You can have a professional-looking French manicure without visiting the salon. Use a rubber band and to ensure that the tip color leaves a perfect line.

Perfect Winged Eyeliner

A spoon is all you need to get the perfect winged eyeliner look. The handle side of the spoon can give you a clean bottom line for the wing and the curved part of the spoon proved a perfect top line.

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