Top 10 home remedies for high blood pressure


Hypertension is a condition when the blood pressure is increased and it can affect anyone at any time. It can be either genetic or caused by stress or by poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the symptoms of hypertension are headaches, however if left untreated this condition can be life-threatening. Even though it could be genetic, it is sometimes caused by excess salt consumption, smoking, obesity and drinking alcohol. Once diagnosed, this conditions should be treated immediately because otherwise it increases the risk of coronary artery disease, heart failure, vision loss, chronic kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease and stroke.

Some people find it very easy to treat this condition by doing simple changes in their lifestyle and diet for example by eating less salt and exercising more often. Others, however are not so lucky and have to use numerous medications to treat hypertension. If you are one of those who are not fond of taking drugs and you want to try more natural remedies, these are some of the best foods that can be used to treat hypertension as well as provide other health benefits.


Hypertension is also listed among the numerous health conditions that can be treated by ginger. This root relaxes the blood vessels thus promoting blood flow which releases the pressure on the heart. This way hypertension is relieved. You can use ginger as a tea to provide your body with a relaxing atmosphere or as a spice in various dishes.